My small contribution to Cracow Orient Festival – workshops and show. It was a really multidimensional event, ambitious and worthwhile! Fingers crossed for future editions :)


Smakowita relacja filmowa z walentynkowego show Pikanterii – bierzcie, udostępniajcie i wpadajcie nas zobaczyć kiedy nadarzy się następna okazja :)

Merry Christmas and Spicy New Year!

Enjoy my very special pin-up dancing Christmas postcard:

Video by:

Tomasz ‘Barnaba’ Wieczorek /

Jaromir Dziewic

Anna Niewiadomska

Friendly space:

Foto Cafe 102 /

Photos by:

Łucja Lange /

Kardamon dance group is happy to announce, that long awaited “Para!” video is already available on Youtube.

Unusual fusion of Oriental sounds combined with Latin influences – PARA comes from Magda Navarrete’s album IMAN presenting a new trend: electro bolero.

Music video, realised by “Tadam! Project”, has been shot at an Art Nouveau styled XIX century Scheibler’s power plant in Lodz (Poland).

Choreography prepared specially by Anna Redlin. “Kardamon” dancers featured in the video: Anna Redlin, Anna Cuchra-Cukrowska, Maja Zawadzka.

Making-of photos:

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